What Are The 5 Things That You Need To Know To Take Your Business Online?

What Are The 5 Things That You Need To Know To Take Your Business Online?

So you want to take your business online? This can be an awesome choice. To put this in perspective, over 50% of ALL retail done in this country last year was done online. So it is powerful.

Another benefit of going online is that your audience comes to you. It is tiring to talk to a lot of unqualified prospects. By taking it online, you eliminate rejection, you leverage your time by creating reusable resources that work even while you sleep, and you can reach a whole bunch more people. So what are the 5 things that you need to go online?

1. Targeted traffic–If I tried to sell a custom jacket that was designed for horse trainers and enthusiasts, to a punk rock audience, I would not have very many sales. Right? Who would I want to sell these jackets to instead? Ahh, people that either own horses, or have horses as a business. Right?

So the best advice that I have ever heard on picking a targeted audience is, “The people that are willing to buy your product or service are people that have either bought your product before, or people that are actively searching for your product now.” Makes sense. Right?

So you would want to do some brainstorming, and figure out what books they are reading, what social media groups they belong to, and where they are hanging out.

Thinking about the type of people that you would want to work with–you would probably want to work with someone who is entrepreneurial–they know that it requires work and they have an idea of what they need to do. You certainly don’t want to attract people that want a “get rich quick scheme.” Or “tire kickers.” These people either wouldn’t buy from you or if they did they wouldn’t do anything with it. Or even they would be mad at you when they found out they had to put in some effort. So you want to attract people that are serious about building a business.

2. The second thing that you need is a capture page–This is a page where when someone opts in by entering in a name and an email address, they get a free thing. Of course, this must appeal to your target audience. It must solve a problem that they have. This free thing is called a lead magnet.

3. Lead Magnet–this is something that your target audience definitely wants. It must be educational and solve a problem that they have.

4. A Thank you page–this of course thanks them for opting in.

5. An email autoresponder–this sends out to the people that opt in an automated response and can be set up with a daily response to your audience. So if Matt opts in on Monday his he starts on the sequence of emails on Monday and if Jane opts in on Friday, she starts on the same automated sequence of emails on that Matt had but on a different time.

When I started, I did not have this and simply did not know what to do with it. I recommend Elite Marketing Pro–They have all this done for you. Elite Marketing Pro has done for you lead magnets and products that would appeal to your target audience. I give anyone that joins a free hour of my coaching time as long as it is done within a month of joining to get you set up right.

Hope this helps

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