Is There Age Discrimination In America?

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Is There Age Discrimination In America?

Just curious–have any of you expereinced age discrimination? Please comment below. I would like to hear your story.

So is there age discrimination? MMMM in this story in Forbes “The Ugly Truth About Age Discrimination” a a man named Phillip said, “the headhunter said something that took my breath away. He told me that his client looked at my resume and said it looked great, but then he found my LinkedIn profile and decided I’m a little long in the tooth for the job.” Wow, isn’t this illegal or something? Well yes it is, but it is very HARD TO PROVE. You see, they never really interviewed him so according to them he was never really a candidate for the job.

Plus, you would have to see who they really hired for the position and their age. So what do you think about this?

In another article, in Alternet,

It says, “In every corner of America, millions of people are terrified of losing their jobs and falling into financial ruin. Men and women with impressive professional achievements and credentials are being let go, nudged out and pushed aside. They are pounding the pavement and scouring the job sites, but find themselves turned away even for the most basic retail jobs. Not because they aren’t competent. Not because they lack skills. But simply because they have a grey hair or two.”

Further down, “Jan, a marketing executive from Southern California, is just 51, and she has already learned the heartbreak and frustration of age-related hob insecurity.”

“She was flying high as the head of marketing for a large financial planning firm when she was laid off in 2009 at the age of 47.” according to Alternet.

“She was not prepared for what happened when she tried to find another job.” Again according to Alternet, “First Jan applied for positions similar to her previous employment at banks and other financial institutions. Nothing. Keeping upbeat, she widened the net, applying for all marketing and communications jobs advertised in a 40-mile radius of her home. Still nada. Finally, she started applying for retail jobs and was shocked to find that she could not even land these.” It goes on and on.

Wow, this is definitely scary especially if you are getting close to 50. I have heard similar stories.

My ex boss, the controller and CFO of my company got laid off. He couldn’t even land any accounting positions–he was telling me that the only thing open to him was a greeter at Walmart. Ugh!!

Another friend of mine, was let go when he had a liver transplant costing $250,000. One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that most large companies are self pay on the health insurance. Yes a lot of them have Blue Cross and Blue Shield as an administrator. But the sad truth is that the company themself is paying for your doctor visits. Sooooo if you cost them too much–mmmmm you are first on the list to be let go. That is what happened to my friend–his health care just cost more than they were willing to pay. He was an extremely successful Engineer with several patents to his credit–but he cost the company more than he was worth. Wow. So now he has to come up with the anti-immune drugs on his own without a job. Pretty ugly.

So what do you need to do to protect yourself? The sad truth is that 98 percent of people that hit 65 are either DEAD or DEAD Broke. The difference between the 98 percent and the two percent is that the two percent have a LEVERAGED source of income meaning that they have created assets that earn them money whether they work or not. Most people know about the investment side–things like rental properties that give them cashflow. But most people cannot get there without being in the business quadrant first. So this is what I recommend. If you want to learn more, contact me or apply to work with me. Hope you got value from this and we will see you in the next video.

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