Begin To Win Series-Set Your Intentions–MAKE MONEY TODAY

Network Marketing Success-Set Your Intentions-Make Money TODAY

So guys–you are in business-or maybe you want to be in business–and you really want to crush it it 2016. You are tired of the freeway parking lot–tired of having someone tell you when to be there or having someone tell you when you are getting paid for 40 hours a week on SALARY–that you have to work 60 hours a week or in my case 90 hours a week and it just isn’t working for you. I feel you. Well I’m here to tell you that you CAN have it all–you can have a business that allows you to work less, vacation more, and HAVE MORE FUN in life.
So guys let’s get started.
What does that mean? Well here goes. You are now in business. You have bills to pay-so does that mean I need to make money in six months–or how about a year or five years. NO! Your bills are coming in NOW.
What that means–is that if you are in business–you need to make money TODAY. Not tomorrow–next year but TODAY!!. So you need to wake up today and make the decision that you are going to make money TODAY!. PERIOD.
So how do you make money TODAY? Well think about it for a minute. Say that you have a Handyman business. So, what do you have to offer? You fix stuff on homes. So the first thing that you have to decide is who is in need of what you have to offer. Oh and yes, TODAY who is in need of what you have to offer. So how are you going to find these people? Ok if you are fixing up homes–what makes sense?
Would it not make sense to drive around–look at homes that need work and approach these people. Yes you might get some work approaching homes that are pristine–but remember–the goal is to MAKE MONEY TODAY! So using that as a goal–you need to approach people that need your services TODAY.
This same principle works in ALL BUSINESSES. So let’s say you are in a network marketing business. What do you have to offer? If you have an anti-aging product, you need to approach people that have a need for that product. Likewise, if you have a weight-loss product–you want to approach people that look like they need to lose weight–you certainly wouldn’t approach a person that is anorexic and approach them with a weight-loss product. Makes sense doesn’t it. But many people that are in network marketing approach everyone–your product is NOT for everyone.
In business, we serve people–we need to get our product in front of the people that really need our products and services. Again makes sense. So if you want to make money TODAY, remember, there are people that want and need what you have to offer–so the big lesson here is TARGET YOUR MARKET, and get in front of the people that want and need what you have to offer.

Guys hope this helps–MAKE MONEY TODAY. ┬áNOW.

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