What Is The Best Way To Handle Objections?

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MLM Recruiting; Handling Objections Before The Presentation

So how do you handle objections?

Well first of all, the best time to handle objections is BEFORE the presentation. So when you meet with someone, rather than opening the laptop right away, build the relationship first. Ask questions. What kind of work do you do? How do you like it? How long have you been doing that? Do you have any kids? Use the FORM method. That of course stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Message. Guys, this is important. If you really listen, they will give you the “keys to the kingdom.” They will tell you the hot buttons. And when they do for example, “You mentioned that you don’t have money to do the things that you want. I’m going to be sharing with you a way that you can get the money to really live your life. You would be open to learning more about that-Right?” Or whatever the hot button is.

So let’s go over some common objections if you haven’t handled that.

“I don’t have the money.” First of all, REPEAT THE OBJECTION. Next use feel, felt and found. That can be used for ALL objections. AND TELL STORIES.

It goes something like this- So you are saying that you don’t have the money. I know how you feel. I felt the same way. But this is what I found out. I was unemployed when I started my business. I needed to sell several things to get started. But I realized that if I didn’t do something now, I wouldn’t have the money six months from now. Or a year from now. Or even 5 years from now. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with the same results. So if you don’t do something different you won’t have the money 6 months from now right? Will you have the money a year from now? etc.

Then you ask for the sale. Ok, well lets get you started. Or sounds like you’re ready to join. Or welcome to the team. They all work.

Next, its a pyramid scheme. With this one you can shrug it and say wow. Pyramid schemes are illegal. Do you think that I would be involved in something illegal? We have a product and pyramids don’t. Again ask them to get started.

How about I have to talk to my spouse. The hardest one. The best time to overcome this one is BEFORE the presentation. If they say they have a spouse rebook the appointment when both of them can see it.

GO TO YOUR COMPANY EVENTS AND NETWORK. This is where you get stories. Pretty much every objection has been covered when you network with others at the event. So get the stories.

I hope you got value from this–I teach both offline and online strategies. However, online takes longer–usually around 6 months. AND YOU NEED TO GET PEOPLE ON THE PHONE. I like offline strategies first because you get to learn people skills. So get out there and network because offline will get you the money fastest to start. Anyway, I hope you got value from this and for more free training go to debalps.com and we will see you in the next video.

Have an awesome day!!

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P. S. If you are tired of bugging family and friends and want a more leveraged way to get leads for your business check out The Attraction Marketing Formula by Ferny Cebellos

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