Branding For Your Business – Why Should You Have A Personal Brand

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Branding For Your Business – Why Should You Have A Personal Brand What is a Personal Brand? A brand is a relationship between the entity and its customers. It is also a reputation in the community. It also involves a specialization of a target market. Specialization is the never-ending process of refining your products andj services for a defined ideal target clientele. So you must specialize. You won’t really be successful if you try to target everyone–why is that? Well–to be successful in business you must be a problem solver–the problems of a dairy farmer are radically different over the problems of a lawyer or a doctor. To solve problems you need to handle a specific group of people or your problem solving will be too broad. Your target market can be from: Lifestyle / Hobby such as golfers, skiers, hikers, etc. Interest groups–Political affiliations, associations Age / Gender groups– Occupation based–firefighters, doctors, lawyers, etc. Ethnicity– Life event–divorce, retirement, death of a parent Geography- The more competition you have in a target market the more specialized you must be. As a group you should not broadcast it but you need to have a specialization statement. And a slogan. You need to ask, “What do my clients need that I haven’t given to them? And also–as a business owner you need to be aware of distractions. You need to always be asking yourself, “What is the best use of my time?” The first rule of business is,”Keep what you have–if you really want to grow–yea you may only have five clients but you need to concentrate on keeping them. How can you do that? Attend 4 client events per year. Can be social events, educational events, events that nuture relationships, events at museums etc. And how often should you communicate with your clients? 4 times a year? 12 times a year? For most effective client communications you should be communicating at least 60 times a year–at least once a week. Now I don’t mean PITCHING YOUR CLIENTS!! Think about yourself–what is your first reaction when someone comes up to you with “BUY MY PRODUCT,” OR “BUY MY OPPORTUNITY!” We all run–like fish in a pond when you try to catch them by hand–they RUN TOO!!. I mean building relationships with your customers. Sending a personal hand-written thank you card. A personal Birthday Wish. A call on their birthday. Who does that anymore but it is so valuable with your clients. You should always have an online presence–the first thing most people do is check you out online–if you don’t have an online presence people don’t really take you serious. Yea not really. And even if your target audience is the older generation that does not have the internet–guess who else is checking you out–their kids are doing it for them. What else should you be doing? You should NETWORK. Why? If you hang out with other broke people that are going nowhere, then you probably are going nowhere too. We are a direct reflection of who we hang out with. If you want to improve you place in life start hanging out with people that are successful–and are going places. You will start going places too.

P. S.  A great resource I have found is What’s Working Now–Every Month There Are Articles From The Top Marketers In The Business And Videos On How You Can Supercharge Your Business.
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