Breaking Free From Mediocrity

What is holding you back in your business?  In life?  With your health?  Your relationships?  I definitely understand that there is a lot of technical stuff out there to learn regarding ads and such and that is important no doubt.

But what is going on in your head is sometimes more important than what is happening on the outside when it comes to creating results and sabotaging results.

So here goes:

Do you ever feel like you’re playing small in your business?

Like by playing small you are not reaching your potential.  Let’s face it–its easier to play small.  By playing small you are not risking ANYTHING.  It’s safer.  You are not risking time, money, and what other people think of you. In other words you are not risking anything.  Its safe.  So it’s easier to play small. ITS EASIER TO STAY MEDIOCRE, EVEN THOUGH YOU SAY YOU DON’T WANT TO!!  So what is your greatness?  It all depends on YOU!!  It may be a $2 million dollar a year business.  It may be just earning an extra $500 dollars to pay off the car bill this month.  It may be to make enough money in your business to stay home with your kids or quit your job.  In other words your greatness is not my greatness.  Its what is great for you!!. So let’s look at the traps we all have.

It Just Is’t Working or It Has Stopped Working

Ok maybe you may be pumping out videos every day and the first month nothing.  Do it again the second month and still nothing.  Third month and still nothing.  Ahhhh but the fourth month some sales and leads.  There is a story in Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.  Its in the first chapter–About a man named R. U. Darby and his uncle.  They owned a gold mine which dried up.  They hit an initial vein of gold then it dried up.  So they got frustrated and sold the mine to a junk man.  Long story short–the junk man hired an engineer to check out the mine.  The engineer told him about fault lines and determined that there was more gold about three feet away.  DARBY STOPPED THREE FEET FROM GOLD!!  Are you stopping three feet from gold?  Ugh.  Its easy to set a trap for yourself when its not working right way–BUT ARE YOU STOPPING THREE FEET FROM THE GOLD?  I know I have stopped and told myself it isn’t working.  But if you believe in your product maybe you are giving up too soon.


Maybe you’ve had some results but it stops working.  Well this can happen too.  But a lot of the time if you keep going it pumps back up.  Again three feet from gold.


Ok here things aren’t working right away so you go searching again for more stuff.  I’m guilty of this.  Have you really given it a chance?  Does it make sense to you?  We can do small things to make it happen.  Like weight loss.  Go to the gym every day for 20 minutes or walk for 20 minutes.  Maybe watch a bit more what you eat.  Keep doing it every day and you will start to see small results then bigger results.  The same thing happens in business.  Here read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson or The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  Success is by doing the little things that you need to do every day, day after day.  Are you doing it?  Success will come.


Mmmmm nobody has it as bad as I have it.  Well like Ray Higdon says–you have to deal with the hand that you are dealt.  For those of you that do not know him, Ray Higdon actually started his business when he was in personal forclosure.  His girlfriend at the time was working at the makeup counter at a department store to pay the utility bills.  No matter how bad it seems, there is always someone in a worse situation that is getting results.  I get it but you just need to look at HOW to make it happen and NOT at the reasons why you CAN’T make it happen.  EXCUSES ARE YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS’ WAY OF JUSTIFYING YOUR MEDIOCRITY.  Everyone has excuses.  Break through that or you will be STUCK in mediocrity.


Read Outwitting the Devil  by Napoleon Hill.  He talks about people being in a trance of complacency.  Lack of urgency.  But that is how the devil works he keeps you STUCK.  BREAK OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.


Become Aware–Your thoughts rule you.  Watch your thoughts and stop them at the beginning.  A lot of us think that our thoughts don’t matter.  MMMMM this is a big one.  OK so you are thinking about your lack of money in the bank.  Guess what?  You are going to get MORE lack of money in the bank.  Catch this and say instead its an abundant world.  I have abundance.  Add to this when you keep saying “Its just not working or It never going to work–mmmm might you be sending that out in the universe?  Instead, learn to track results–give it a chance to see if it really is not working and maybe tweek it a bit and track and test that one.  But give them all a chance to see if they do work or not.  Maybe you need to do some real paid advertising.  A lot of people try the free stuff and find out that it isn’t really free–it takes more time, too many people are doing it and you aren’t getting your message seen in the clutter–you know that kind of stuff.  Maybe you need some clarity and you are doing it wrong.  To fix that check out this FREE 10-Day Bootcamp for some clarity as to maybe why it’s not working.  Stop the frustration and learn to do it right.  

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