Change Your Belief Level And Change Lives

Are You Struggling With Belief?

What is the number one thing that is holding most people back when it comes to their network marketing business–One word–BELIEF.  Belief in yourself, and belief in your opportunity.  How do you get that for yourself?
First of all, let’s talk about belief in yourself.  A lot of us come into this business struggling with this one.  It took me six months of personal growth to really believe in myself so I also understand if you are struggling with this one as well. So first of all–
Put Yourself on a Program of Self Development.  
Read Books–a lot.  I know a lot of you have heard that but are you really doing it?  If not, START.  You should be reading at least 30 minutes a day–I prefer to read in the morning when I wake up and in the evening before I go to bed.  Reading in the morning starts your day right.  When you read in the evening it also helps you to utilize your mind when you sleep–your mind actually works with you to help you.
Additionally, go to the company events and go to ALL the training that your upline offers you.  Why?
You are who you are hanging out with.  Also when you go to company events, the leader that is training you will most often share their story.  In Network marketing, if you are not yet successful or even if you are, you need to collect stories–we’ve all heard stories sell.  They do.  Here are a few of mine that I share with prospects–
Ray Higdon–one of the biggest leaders in network marketing.  A multiple seven-figure earner.  But, when he started out–he was in personal forclosure.  He was losing his home.  His wife was working just to pay their utility bills and think of this one–if someone had not introduced him to network marketing, he might have been homeless.  Yep, this is definitely life changing.  Network marketing and the growth from our industry allowed him to change his life and his story.  He is the #1 Recruiter in his company.
Tanya Aliza–Young professional in finance.  Actually she was working for corporate America making a really good income.  Ahhh but guess what?  She was working 10-12 hours a day and on weekends.  NO LIFE.  Network marketing has allowed her to stay home with a home-based business and have a life. #3 Recruiter in her primary company.
Ceasar Rodriguez–a broke college student with NO credibility.  He actually shared the opportunity over 100 times–recruited no one–Moved to where his upline leader was then started recruiting a lot–#3 Recruiter in his primary company.
Chris Carroll–He worked for corporate America–They actually sent him to school for a Master’s degree.  Then they laid him off and he found that no one would hire him.  He was “overqualified.”  Then he got into real estate–and was working 90 hours a week.  Then someone introduced him to network marketing–He is one of the best Cold Market Recruiters that I know and another top earner in his company.
Les Brown–this man was a janitor–again NO CREDIBILITY.  Look at this man–he is black–was able to overcome that and is one of the best motivational speakers I know.  Which brings another point–in the corporate world women and minorities are still not doing so well.  THERE ISN’T ANY SUCH RESTRICTION IN NETWORK MARKETING.  As it should be.
Get your own stories.  They help you with yourself and also with your prospects.  Most people are wondering if they can do it.  Hearing someone else’s story helps them to believe in themselves as well.
Get to ALL the Training Events That Your Upline Offers
Why would this help–really just being with them you also realize that they don’t get their laundry done either, they have dishes in the sink at times, their home isn’t always picked up etc.  I always say, “If you come to see me come on in.  If you come to see my home–make an appointment, then I’ll see if I can schedule you in in the next month or so.”  WE’RE BUSY.  And we’re are human–mmmmm like you.  Yes we had to also struggle with belief.  That is why we know what it takes to get over it.  SO WHEN WE SAY GET TO THE EVENTS, AND READ  we have already been there.  Do you think when Ceasar Rodruguez recruited nobody out of 100 that he MIGHT have had some belief issues?  Absolutely.  We have been there too.  And yes–we have sold stuff, maybe borrowed from family etc. to get to the events.  But it is a game changer.
Additionally, when you get to the events–if they offer it, go to dinner after the event with the leader.  Just talking to them makes you realize that you and they are the same–again, the dishes don’t always get done, etc. for them either.
Oh I also want to add–TAKE ACTION.  Even if you are not successful, you can find out what doesn’t work–get some more training, hone your skills–work on posture, and guess what?  You are the next leader training others.  Keep working on your skills.  This also helps get belief.  If it is not working get HELP.

I’m looking forward to seeing ALL OF YOU on stage–getting awards and ranking up–I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT–I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!

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