Should I Concentrate On Prospecting Or Should I Concentrate On Marketing?

Which Strategy Should You Concentrate On?  Prospecting or Marketing?  In yesterday’s class, I gave you three strategies to generate leads online.  To recap:

  1.  Social Media Prospecting-actively reaching out on social media and inviting people to take a look at your deal.
  2. Hybrid-This is where you have a piece of content out there that someone responds to and you reach out to them and also see if they are willing to take a look.
  3. Marketing–This is where you put a piece of content out there in internet land and you hope that an unnamed individual responds to and reaches out to you.

First of all, there is no one size fits all approach to building a business.  It depends on what resonates with you and your situation.  That is what I want to help you decide today.

Again to review, prospecting is active.  You control how many people you actively reach out to in a day.  It absolutely 100% controllable.

Marketing is passive.  It’s when you put something out there that you hope an unnamed individual responds to.  While it is not as controllable, it is WAY MORE LEVERAGED.

Which one should you focus on?  That depends on you, your personality, and your situation.

First of all, examine your personality.  Are you a person that loves meeting new people or talking to strangers?  If you are like that, you definitely might enjoy prospecting.  If striking up conversations comes naturally to you then by all means do it.

Also it depends on your situation.  Are you flat broke and you can’t figure out how to pay the utility bills this month?  You are probably going to have to do some prospecting whether it fits your personality or not–that may not be what you want to hear, and may also be uncomfortable to you but prospecting is free and also is the most controllable strategy.  It is also the fastest way to get some results.

Does that mean to not do marketing?  No not at all.  You can do both if you want.  But at first I wouldn’t rely only on marketing to get your sales and signups till you have more stability.

If on the other hand, you want more leverage in your business, and more automation, and you want to build systems that work for you while you sleep or go on vacation then you should focus on learning marketing.

What do I mean by leverage and automation?  With prospecting your results are 100% tied to your time.  The more time you spend, the more people you will prospect.  In other words, when you are actively reaching out to people you have to take time out of your day everyday to prospect.

Whereas with marketing, you can do the work one time and then you have a reusable resource that can produce a result for you over and over again.  Let me give you an example:  I have videos that I put up on YouTube a year ago that are bringing me sales and signups today.  I also have blog posts and audios that people are seeing everyday and those reusable resources continue to work for me like a little army of lead generators bringing people into my world–that’s what I mean by leverage.  Now if that’s what you want, you need to learn Attraction Marketing.  I would suggest checking out Ferny Cebellos’s Attraction Marketing Formula-he has a FREE 10-day bootcamp.

There is a last scenerio–perhaps you need to do prospecting right now to get some momentum.  But you don’t want to have to do it forever.  You want to eventually get to the point where you are having leads coming in to you everyday on autopilot from the marketing efforts that you’ve done.  If that’s you then I would recommend taking a 2 tiered approach.  Do some active prospecting right now to get the momentum but spend 3-4 hours a week doing marketing.  That way you are building up those reusable resources while you are pounding the pavement doing prospecting.  Over time, as you start getting results from your marketing efforts you will have to do less and less prospecting.  If that’s what you want check out the Attraction Marketing Formula and we will see you in the next video (post).

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