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MLM and Affiliate Marketing Tips On Creating Winning Webinars
There are several steps to creating winning webinars–and they must be done correctly to maximize profits. Your webinar must rise above the clutter and move your prospects to take action. You must offer a unique selling proposition. Must promise to deliver some benefit. And the proposition must pull your prospects not merely sell them. In most webinars, the offer expressed is rarely unique. The implicit offer in the webinar title is rarely unique. It is often very redundant or just boring. Even if the webinar content is unique, if the title does not express this uniqueness it is not going to move many people to show up.
  An example of a poor title is “strategies to get more leads.”
 An example of a better title with better copy is, “Underground “Strategies to Position and Promote Your Webinar To Hypnotically Attract a Huge Flood of Registrants and Attendees So You Can Earn $3245 or More Per Webinar.”
  This also must be expressed in the presell and the follow-up emails. In other words, the more people that move through your funnel, the more sells that you will achieve.
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