Would You Like To Get More Results From Your Networking Meetings?


Would You Like To Get More Results From Your Networking Meetings?

How do you get leads from networking meetings? In today’s short video I’m going to share with you 5 tips to get more leads and sales from networking meetings.

1. Go to meetup.com and join some local networking groups. The ones that I like have business owners, professional people, Realtors, and also the local Chamber of Commerce meetings.

2. At the networking meetings, your only goal should be to ask questions, NOT to promote your business. DO NOT WEAR THE BUTTONS, HATS ETC. Do not promote your business. ASK THEM QUESTIONS ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS. Your goal should be to get a business card from everyone in the room.

3. What do you say if they ask you about your business? If you are part-time–tell them what your main job is and say that you also have a side project going on. If you are full time–you tell them that you teach people how to earn an income from home. THEN QUICK TURN AROUND. I teach people how to earn an income from home. You are in Real Estate right? You want to keep the conversation on them and what they do NOT WHAT YOU DO.

4. If asked to present your business lead with the product. So if you are in a health and wellness company you say, “I help people get slim and healthy.” Or in travel, “I help people save money on travel.” Lead with the product.

5. So what do you do with all those business cards? If possible email them that night. Then CALL THEM THE NEXT DAY. What do you say? Well it goes something like this, “Hey Joe, this is Deb Alps. We met at the networking event last night. Do you have a minute? If they do, “Hey I really enjoyed our conversation last night and thought you were pretty sharp. Oh Im sorry I just looked at my clock and have to jump on a conference call in 10 minutes. (You tell them this to prevent questions) Just curious, would you be at all open to a side income project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?” If they ask “What is it?” Refer them back to your conference call–“I will be more than happy to go over it with you but I have this conference call to jump on to.” “I can send you some information-how SOON can you look at it?” When they tell you, then schedule a time for a follow-up call. Then call them back at that time. I also recommend a weird time such as 4:05 or something like that. Then follow up.

Hey I hope this helps you get more results with your networking.

To Your Continued Success:

Deb Alps




PS.  For more information on how to attract leads to you go to http://debalps.com/AMF

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