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So what exactly is it that is the difference between the top salesperson or successful business-person?  That is people skills.  A lot of people are going out and talking too much about our businesses–so what should we do instead?

So what is sales anyway?  We it is the ability to solve a need in the marketplace–and this is for ALL businesses.  But most of us hit the prospect with, “Buy My Stuff.”  Think about this for a second.  When do you buy cars?  Most of the time–you, and me, all of us–look for our next vehicles on Sunday.  Why?  Because we don’t want to encounter that pushy salesperson that follows us around the lot trying to sell us this car or that.  Well guys, we are all the same.  We Love to buy, and we HATE TO BE SOLD.  Yep, we are all like that.
So when someone comes up to us and says–its the greeatest skincare, or its the greatest weight-loss product etc. we put our walls up and RUN!!  Yes, RUN!!
So what do great sales people do instead?  First of all, we need to find out if there is a need.  Does the prospect really want what we have to offer?
Like I said before, most people are saying TOO MUCH.  Instead, start asking questions.  And figure out if there is a genuine need.  So let’s say we are selling a network marketing business.  So what exactly do we have to offer?  LIFESTYLE.  Network Marketing gives people the opportunity to work from home.  They get more time freedom.  The ability to take vacations when and where they want.  So, looking at that–what needs can you help solve in someone’s life?
Let’s say that you meet Jane in the grocery store.  You turn around and she is behind you–and you open up with, “Hey you look so familiar.  Do I know you?  Are you from around here?  So she says yes but she doesn’t think that she knows you.  Gee you just look so familiar–what kind of work do you do?  Well she might say that she is an accountant.  Again follow up with another question–Wow–how long have you done that?  Answer–7 years.  Oh and how do you like it?  She may say she loves it or she may say that she likes it but is working a lot of hours.  Again–another question–Oh yes I do understand that–do you have any kids at home?  If she says yes two you might ask another question like where do you work?  She might say that she works an hour and a half away–(another hot button).  And it is hard to handle the daycare.  Wow, how is the traffic going that far?  and on and on.
What I have just uncovered in this dialog is some hot buttons–she has two kids, works an hour and a half away, struggles with daycare–can we help this person?  Of course.  So for my final questions?
A lot of the time a person with ask “what is it.”  So I look at my watch and say, “Wow, time has got away from me–I have to pick up the kids, jump on a conference call etc.”  But if I can show you a way that you could have more time freedom, and skip the commute would you be open to it?”  At this point she may ask what is it?  And you can just point out that you have to go but “I promise I will call you.”  I also like to add that I have a super busy week so I may not be able to get back to them right away–etc.  People like to do business with busy people.  If you give me your information, and of course I can give you mine–I’ll call you in a few days.
Now I don’t usually wait the week to call them I call them the next day.  And I reintroduce myself, then ask, “Were you serious about finding a way to get more time freedom or were you just kidding around?”  This gives them the opportunity to back out and for you helps to insure that they show up for the appointment.  The key here is to be busy again.  Say I just looked at my schedule and I have an open slot at 7 P. M . Can you be in front of your computer for 15 minutes so I can walk you through it?  They might ask what is it again–and simply say, it is like giving a haircut over the phone, it is impossible.  So would 7 P. M. work for you–yes–set the appointment then BOUNCE.  If not, I usually say that I will get back to them–I am really busy and have an appointment coming up.  Then bounce again and call them back.
If they get negative, then I tell them that it seems like it is not going to work this week–I will call you back in a week or so–take it away.  DON’T CALL BACK FOR A WEEK–Leave them hanging and CURIOUS.

Anyway, hope this helps–and we will see you in the next video.

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