Mindset-How To Go From Unmotivated To Unstoppable In 3 Easy Steps

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Do you struggle to keep motivated?  You are not alone.  You start on a new project and you are super motivated.  Maybe you just got back from a Regional Event.  You have read about all of the most successful people–Rags to Riches and you decide that you can too.  So Bam!!  You’re off with a flying start, getting organized and planning all the things you need to get done to achieve your goal.  But as the hours and days go by, that motivational momentum just seems to disappear.  In fact, by the end of the week, it has come to a grinding halt.  Sound familiar.
Well here is a few tips to help that.
The #1 Question You Must Ask Yourself
What do I really want?  What do you want to become?  What are the reasons that I want to become successful.  But it goes farther than that.  You need to have a vision.  What do I mean by that?  You need to decide what you want and you need to actually see yourself as already having achieved the goal.  Really think about this and identify your goals.
Three Powerful Things You Can Do Right Now
Step one–Write down the reasons why you want to be successful.  Find pictures of what you want.  Identify what you want to become.  Then write it down–and this is important–write it down in the present tense.  An example of this is–I am waking up in my seaside bedroom with picture windows surrounding me.  I wake up go to my kitchen, make my coffee and am joined by my significant other.  We go outside on our gorgeous deck drinking the coffee and enjoy our ocean view.  You get the point.  Put it in the present tense.  I would add to this–have pictures as well.
Step two–Print out your master plan–several copies and have it everywhere.  Your bedroom, your car, kitchen–everywhere.
Step three–If you hit a snag or start to feel uninspired go back to your Masterplan.  Remind yourself why you are doing this and let it inspire you.  Watch the video below.

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