Mistakes that Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers Make

MLM Lead Generation – What Is The Biggest Mistake that Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers Make?

The Biggest Mistake that Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers make is that they believe that whatever company they represent is their business. But that is incorrect. Your business has nothing to do with what company you represent. It has nothing to do with the compensation plan or anything like that. Your business is YOU AND THE VALUE THAT YOU PUT IN THE MARKETPLACE and your SKILLS!

The reason that most people fail is that they keep saying “Buy My Stuff” without adding any value to their audience. If you share something that they can learn from they will want to stick around you. Now this is a pure fact–people simply won’t buy from you on the first exposure to you. You have to build a relationship with them both online and offline. They need to know, like and trust you. Without that you have nothing. However, if you give them something they can use–basically help them–they will want to stick around.

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