Would You Like to Learn Three Killer Strategies To Generate Leads Online?

Would you like to learn three killer strategies to generate leads online? 

In this short video I’m going to show you three strategies to generate leads online and the good news is that none of these strategies require you to chase people around or bug your family and friends. 

This video is not very long but it is jammed packed full of information so grab a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes. 

When I started in network marketing, I tried EVERYTHING to generate leads for my business. I went to businesses–not knowing what I was doing and didn’t do well with that. I of course contacted all of my family members and friends and like most people in network marketing, I didn’t have much success with that either. I went to my upline leaders and they said just to contact your family members and friends–what happens when you have contacted ALL of them? Well you need to look elsewhere for lead generation. So I started to look around and I found some better mentors. Puts you light years ahead of fumbling around on your own. 

Once I started using the internet, and using strategies that better fit with my personality things started to turn around. Generating leads online is so powerful–I personally generate over 10- 50 leads a day using the strategies that I am about to share with you. And I want to help you do the same. 

If you are confused about what you need to do to generate leads online, lets just break this business down to the rediculously simple. 

The growth of your business is dependent on one thing–eyeballs on the presentation. That’s it. The more eyeballs on your presentation the more success you will have in your business. Right?

So if the lifeblood of your business is dependent to finding people who are open to taking a look at your deal there are really only tow activities that will achieve that result:

Prospecting And Marketing

That’s it. These are really the only two ways to generate leads for your business. 

What’s the difference? 

Prospecting is active–that is where you are actively reaching out to people and you are trying to find out if they are open to taking a look at what you have. The good thing about prospecting is that it is controllable right. You control how many people you are actively reaching out to. Right? And you also get immediate feedback as well. You can get immediate results from prospecting. Asking if they are open to looking at a side income project–you find out right away if they are open or not. You can either show it to them or move on to the next person.

The bad thing about prospecting is that there is no leverage. It can be very time consuming and for most people it can be a very uncomfortable process that they really don’t like doing. 

Whereas marketing on the other hand, is passive. Marketing is when you put something out there that you hope an unnamed individual reacts to. It could be paid advertising, it could be a bumper sticker on your car, posting stuff on social media, etc. 

The downside of marketing is that it is not as controllable. You have to hope somebody responds and there is no instant feedback. 

The upside of marketing is that there is WAY MORE LEVERAGE. You can automate a whole lot of the process. Personally I think that marketing is way more fun as well. You actually have people reaching out to you. So it’s rejection-free. 
They are raising their hand out to you to get them to share with you the information. 

Very few upline trainers teach marketing. They teach prospecting. What do they do–they tell you to make a list of all your closest family members and friends and call them and invite them to a presentation. Why do they do that?

Most upline trainers don’t know marketing themselves. They don’t know how to generate their own leads. You are the lead generator when you are a new rep. And they know this. So they leverage the relationships that you have with your family members and friends to generate leads for their business. It is the fastest ways for you to get results. Most new reps quit within a couple of months or so. So this is the fastest way for them to generate leads while you are in the honeymoon phase of your business. It’s fast and easy. 

Not saying that this is a bad strategy but, most people are not taught how to approach friends and family the right way. Most people end up putting strain on the relationships.

And the second problem is that eventually you are going to run out of people to talk to. Are there more people that you do know or that you don’t know? 

Eventually you need a lead generation skill that allows you to expand out of your warm market. 

Strategy #1-Social Media Prospecting. This is where you go out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other social media platform and actively prospect.  Here the strategy is to just make a friend.  There should be no other agenda than that.  You are simply asking them questions and finding out if they are open to taking a look.

Strategy #2-Hybrid-that is where you have put some piece of content and you are active reaching out to the people that have responded to your posts.  Again, your strategy should be to just make a friend.  And ask them questions about themselves and finding out if they are willing to take a look.

Strategy #3 -Attraction Marketing. Attraction marketing is when you put a piece of content out there and you hope that someone sees it.  It is a lot more leveraged–because you can automate a lot of it.  However, it is not as controllable–And it takes a bit of time to build up the online resources and lead generators to have it work well.  But after it has been build it can literally generate you 50 or more leads a day. So it is definitely a strategy to look at.

Tomorrow I am going to go over whether you should concentrate on prospecting, or on marketing or both.  So check it out.

To your continued success:

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