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Why You Should Do Online Marketing

So really why should you look at Attraction Marketing or Online Marketing?

Well guys, lets look at the statistics. 50% of all retail done in this country (United States) was done online. Wow! Think about that. That means that instead of going to Walmart, or the local mall, people are Googleing it, going online, and ordering their products. So doesn’t it make sense if over half of the people are using the internet to do business, maybe you should too? Its daunting how powerful the internet has made shopping these days. And it has given us a lot of freedom-we can find pretty much everytning we need online. Of course some of us still go to the mall and such, but really we don’t have to if we don’t want to. Guys there are a lot of busy people out there that really don’t have the time and they are finding everything they need online. So if we are not using it–we are definitely leaving money on the table.

Getting People Coming To You

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had 10-50 people in your inbox reaching out to you? This definitely can happen and does. You can put a piece of content on YouTube or Google+ and have someone reach out to you right away or, and here is the power of it, they may see it and reach out to you six months from now. Or a year from now. Or even 2-5 years from now. Wow! Doesn’t it make sense too that since they are raising their hands to you that it takes care of the rejection problem? Guys, these people are absolutely excited when you call them–and they are a lot easier to recruit as well. What would 10-50 leads reaching out to you do to your business?

Member’s Areas

Are you an upline leader and getting calls all day from your downline members? If so, you definitely need to look at setting up a webpage and putting your training online. Why? Well, you can put all your training and information into a members area. So instead of a new recruit or one of your downline’s recruits calling you and asking you how to navigate their back office or how to have their first home meeting, or how to invite their warm market to look at a presentation, etc. you can simply create a training or a video and add this to a member’s area. So instead of taking 40 minutes or so with each new person, you can simply say, “Hey that’s a great question–go to www.____. That question is answered in the members area. You can also promote leadership as well. To do that, you also say,”Hey, when someone asks you the same question, tell them to also go to www.____. All the information and training is there. This way, instead of ONE person getting the information, you have a REUSABLE resource where 100s or even thousands of people can reference it.

We got in this business for LIFESTYLE FREEDOM. You certainly don’t have any freedom if you are being bugged fifty times a day by your downline. This way creates much more freedom.

Here’s another thing–if you don’t have these skills you run the risk of saavy online marketers stealing your downline. People join YOU. If you don’t have the training and resources and your downline isn’t recruiting, then they look elsewhere. You could lose a real rockstar by not learning online skills.

I hope you got value from this. If you did, I recommend checking out Ferny Cebellos’s Attraction Marketing Formula. This a FREE 10-day bootcamp that will help you get started.

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