Robert Kiyosaki’s 4 Quadrants–What You Need To Know To Be Successful In Business And In Life

There is a lot of hype on Robert Kiyosaki these days and for most of you that have read his books–they really make a lot of sense.  But do you know why it is important to be on the right side of the quadrant?

Well lets go over the quadrants and what they are–first of all we have what most of us have been trained to be actually I think from birth and that is an:
Employee–An employee basically exchanges time for money–the only way an employee can make more money is to work more hours.  Another thing about employee mentality is that most of us have been taught to get good grades in school, and go to college to get a good high-paying job.  But the reality here is that we are very limited in the amount we can make, and companies control the amount that we get paid–based on the demand in the marketplace for our time.  So the only way we can actually make more money is to work longer if our employee allows that (and we aren’t on salary where it doesn’t matter) or get another job (i.e. two jobs–which doesn’t allow for any fun!)
Self Employed Person–Examples of this are hairdressors (sometimes) Accountants, Doctors, and Lawyers–In this case, the person owns his job.  They are still trading time for money.  Sooooo the only way that they can make more money is to work longer and harder — many of these folks work 80 hours a week, find that that is all they can do without killing themselves so they have to stop.
Right Side Of The Quadrant
Here the main difference is LEVERAGE.  What do I mean by that–well, on this side of the quadrant–both business owners and Investors have assets that make them money whether they work or not–in other words they can earn money while they sleep.
So lets go over this–
Business Owner–An example of a business owner is someone that has set up an online business–They have a lead magnet–then they have a loaded autoresponder.  They can literally have someone opt in to the capture page–and go through a sales funnel without them even being involved.
They can also set up an automated webinar that does the same thing.
That’s one example.
For Investors–These people own assets that make them money such as stocks or rental properties–but these people also leverage their time.

If you want to make big money–you need to be on the right side of the quadrant–this means that you have assets that you have either built or bought that allow you to leverage your time.  For more information get Robert Kiyosakis Rich Dad Poor Dad or his Cash Flow Quadrant–these are a must if you want to make real money in your life.

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