Is Your Shotgun Marketing Shooting Your In The Foot?

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How would it Feel to wake up and have 20-50 new leads in your email inbox when you wake up?  Would that be fun?  What would that do for your business?
Additionally, how would it feel if you were sponsoring 3-5 new reps per week in your business? Would that help you?
Can you picture yourself in the new home of your dreams?  Maybe that beautiful home by the ocean watching the kids playing in the sand?  Or that beautiful horse farm with the indoor arena?  Or on top of the mountain looking out as far as the eye can see?
How about driving up to negative Jim who was going to wait to “see what you do.”  Can you imagine driving up to him and seeing the look on his face like “wow where did you get that?  Did you steal it?”  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Watching the look on his face when you have proved him wrong and did become successful.
Or how about that family vacation in Cabos–five-star hotel and restaurants?  Waterfalls by the table where you are eating.  And the service wow do they treat you like kings and queens.  How would that feel?
Well this is definitely possible–all the top earners-Ray Higdon, Mike Dillard, Tanya Aliza, –pretty much all of the top earners use–Attraction Marketing and the Internet.
So why is the internet so valuable?  Well a full 50 percent of all the retail done in the United States was done online.  If you ignore the power of the internet–and ONLY do traditional network marketing, you run the risk of having all the savvy internet marketers come in with their online recruiting methods and steal your downline.!!
For me, I was out going to network meetings paying $20 to $25 to get a ticket, driving across town, (gas expense and car maintenance), then getting in and talking and networking with several different people, not really knowing if I was talking to a great prospect or not.  Additionally, I also approached people at Garage sales–I found one that didn’t have any money or job, spend about twenty minutes talking to her, approaching her only to find out that she did not have the money to get into the business.
Or another one that ended up telling me about her bad back, and how “I should save up for my retirement,” that I also approached to see if she was open and she said that she never did stuff like that.  MMMM really.  So I wasted an hour of my time only to find out that she was not interested.
It’s like this–if you want to invite your Aunt Annie to your wedding you can figure out her address online, put her one invitation into a self-addressed stamped envelope and send her an invitation
You can go to a printer, get 10,000 invitation printed up, hire a pilot and plane, and fly over the city that she lives in and drop off all 10,000 invitations all over the city she lives in hopes that she will find one of the invitations that were dropped off.
Kinda ridiculous, right?
People are searching the internet everyday through Google, Facebook, and YouTube.  You can bet your bottom dollar, that Google, Facebook, and YouTube tracks exactly what they are searching for.  So by checking out what they are looking for, you can figure out what they want and only target the people that are searching for what you have to offer.
By creating a simple website to can “attract” your perfect prospect, you can also build a relationship with them through an autoresponder, and get them recruited basically on autopilot.  Additionally, there are also ways to get Aunt Annie to pay for the invitations.  So its a win all the way around.

If you want to know more about how you can attract people to you, I would recommend The Attraction Marketing Formula by Ferny Cabellos.  Ferny is a top seven figure earner, who came back from forclosure to personally being responsible for over 6.5 million dollars in sales online over the past 8 years in his personal business and has helped countless clients product six-figure and seven-figure incomes promoting their businesses using the internet.

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