The Single Biggest Reason That You Aren’t Recruiting More Reps

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 The Single Biggest Thing That Will Determine Your Success In MLM -Posture The single most important thing that you can develop in MLM is posture. It is a must. You must have confidence and think like a boss.
 And you need to have a strong vision. Your vision has to be stronger than your fears. You need to see yourself in a success role. Every single top recruiter has posture.
So what is the difference? Well lets look at a couple of things. First of all, how does a non-postured person think?
 Well first of all: They are concentrating on their fears.
 So they think things like, “What do I say if they say its a pyramid?”
 Or “What if they won’t give me their phone number.”
 Or ” I really hope they don’t think I’m weird.”
 Or “What if they say, ” What is it?”
 They are also thinking to themselves “I don’t think I can do it.”
 And “Nobody wants to join my deal.” Here they don’t want to join you–not the deal. Why do I know that? There are hundreds of people in your company that have success. Look around. If they are successful, then you can become successful.
  So what not to do?
Beg, chase, convince, or bug. Just don’t.
 Or act small, needy, weak, or desperate.
 Also, don’t be addicted to the outcome.
 Or let other people’s opinions affect you.
 Also never give up control of the conversation.
  Remember, your warm market knows you. But the cold market does not know you. They do not know about your struggles, or your past results. Since your cold market does not know you, you can have any posture you want.
  Posture is knowing what you have without the need for outside acceptance or approval.
  Next, how do postured people think?
First of all, again, they are not addicted to the outcome.
 They would rather have qualified people to work with.
 They are quick to take it away.
 They think that they will follow me if they want to change their life. I am here to offer them the opportunity of a lifetime.
 I can’t wait to change this person’s life, see them on stage, see them quit their job, and see them spend more time with their family.

  Hey hope this helps and for more training and tips go to and we will see you on the next video

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