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MLM Lead Generation – Social Media Prospecting Scripts For A Business Owner

The goal of any prospecting is to turn a cold market prospect into a warm-market prospect. When you hit someone up with a pitch right away–they run–think about it how do you react–you are not open at all.  Well your prospect is the exact same way.  They run as well.  So what is a good prospecting script for a business owner–see below:

Question one:

What do you do?  The goal of this question is to get them to ask you back what you do.  Then you can in turn say a bit about your business and then go to question two.

Question two:  How will I know I’m talking to someone if they’ll be a good client for you?

People are blown away by this and you are helping them first.

Question three:  How long have you been doing that for?

Question four:  How have you primarily marketed your business in the past?

They will tell you offline or online then you can respond with something you’ve learned about the marketing tactics they’ve used before and suggest something new to help them grow their business.

Question five:  Have you had good results with that so far?

You are looking for people that say no or not really because you can teach them something.

Question six:  Have you ever considered doing something else or are you happy with where you are now?

Obviously you are looking for yes or maybe.  You then offer to share something about your business, if they’re open to it proceed with question 7.

Question seven:  Are you working full time with your current business; job or do you have other side projects you’re involved in?

You want to know how entrepreneurial they are and the time that they have.

Question eight:  This may or may not be for you but if I could share with you a way to get better results without interfering time wise with your current business, would you be open to it?

Question 9:  How soon do you think you can take a look at the information?

Not when but how soon?

Question ten:  Here is my phone number, (999-999-9999), give me a call if you have questions, what’s your number so I know who’s calling me.

Then follow up as usual.

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