Do You Struggle With How To Build Your Business When You Are Broke?

Do You Struggle To Build Your Business On a Shoestring?
In today’s video, I’m going over a ways that you can build a business on a shoestring that will help you.
So you can’t pay your utility bill or car payment?  I totally understand.  But really there are a lot of people that have really built success when they were “broke”.  Dani Johnson was homeless and living in a car making calls on a payphone.  She is now an 8 figure earner.  Ray Higdon was in personal foreclosure-his wife (girlfriend at the time) was paying the utility bills.  Vince Reed was also in personal foreclosure.  His car had been repossessed.  He didn’t have a car for two years.  This is just a few of them.
So what is the number one skill to learn if you are broke–and yes all of the above people have done this?  Cold calling.  Why do I like it?  Well with cold prospecting-like going to the mall you have to drive there (gas) and really isn’t it pretty daunting to say that you are going to prospect 10 people.  (most of the time I NEVER recommend this–I prospect when I’m out not going out to prospect.)  But it is way less expensive to get people on the phone.  And you can call 20-30 people in an hour.  Wow.
The other reason that I like cold calling is that it gets you over the fear of the phone and gives you posture.  You learn to hold your posture and this carries out in life–everywhere.
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So, let me give you a script that I use for this.
Let’s say that I’m calling Realtors.  And I’m talking to Joe–
Deb:  “Hey Joe this is Deb Alps, I own a business in town.  Im a little embarrassed–your name came across my desk as a referral and somehow I didn’t get the name of the person that referred you.  But I thought I’d reach out to you anyway.  So you are in Real Estate?”
Joe: “Yes I am.”
Deb: “How long have you been in Real Estate?”
Joe:  “Oh for 5 Years.”
Deb:  “Do you do it full time or part time?”  Here I am looking for a hot button.
Joe:  “Well, I do it part-time–I have a full-time job as well.”
Deb:  “Wow!  That’s daunting!  How long are you going to do that?  Do you have a plan?”
Joe:  “Well not really.
Deb:  “Hey Joe time got away from me I have to jump on a conference call, but I’m just going to throw it out there, I have a side project that I’m working on that could make you a significant amount of money.  Would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”
If they say yes–I ask, “How soon can you look at it?”
Joe:  “Friday at noon.”
Deb:  “So if I call you back on Friday at 1:00 you will have looked at it for sure?”
Joe:  “Well yes.”
“Great Joe.  I’ll put you on my calendar.  By the way, if something comes up, could you do a professional courtesy and call me so we can reschedule.
Joe:  “Yes”
Deb:  “OK, I will talk to you then.”
If they ask you “what is it?” you remind them about the conference call and “If I send you the information how soon can you look at it?”
If they ask you what you do,”I help people with alternative income sources.”
Anyway, I hope this helps and if you got value from this go to and grab my free attraction marketing bootcamp.
To Your Continued Success;
Deb Alps
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