Does Targeting Really Matter?

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Business Lead Generation / MLM Lead Generation Is Targeting Important?

Hey everyone–is targeting your audience important?

Well let me give you a scenerio–suppose I want to invite my aunt Alice to a Bar-B-Que. What would make sense–probably picking up the phone and calling her or maybe dropping her an invitation in the mail.

But let me give you another option, how about going out, renting a helicoptor and a pilot, printing out 10,000 invitations then flying over Aunt Alice’s home and dropping all of the 10,000 invitations out over her home.

Pretty silly right? Well let me give you a true world example of how this happens. I worked with a company that started out with a $100,000 advertising budget. They wanted to hit a high-end audience. So they spent $5,000 to $7500 on radio advertising. Now how many high end people do you know are listening to radio anymore? No, they are listening to subscription services like Sierrus XM. So does it make sense to try and reach this audience through ordinary radio?

Not really.

So how do you reach them? First of all, you need to figure out what kind of people these are comprised of. Most of the time they are entrepreneurs. What kind of books do they read? What YouTube channels do they listen to? Where are they hanging out? What forums are they attending? For a high-end crowd they are usually pretty positive people–reading books like Tony Robbins, “Awaken The Giant Within,” or “Think and Grow Rich.” People they follow might be Robert Kiyosaki, Dani Johnson, Tony Robbins etc. When you target your people you can let YouTube, Google, and Facebook find them and target directly to them. You SAVE BUNCHES ON ADVERTISING. Additionally you can retarget people as well which is one of the cheapest adertising mediums there is.

By targeting the right people in the first place you save tons of money with greater results. It is a must in today’s world if you want to stay in business.

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