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When you create a business you should really treat it like a real business.  But there are things that will be death to you.  Some of these things are:
.1  Your language–Watch your language–do not use non-serving language.  That means that you must never say words like “my team isn’t doing anything” — Or ” my team isn’t growing.”  The truth is that you can’t teach to want  to create success.  The simple truth is that you will bring people into your team that you want more success for them than they want for themselves.  And the other fact is that sometimes people will come into your business that really aren’t ready at the time.  The best way is to inspire them – with your actions and success.  Do the things that you wish they were doing.  Which is prospecting, recruiting, showing up to events–basically doing the things that are going to build profits and growth inside your company.  Keep recruiting–you may be one away from your next all-star.
2.  Always create an inviting environment for your team.  Don’t ever make them feel bad.  You want as many people on your team as possible whether they are recruiting or not.  Make them feel good whether they are making money or not.
3.  Look at what is possible not probable.  What’s probable is that you will recruit people that will not do anything.  What is possible is that people have come aboard have crushed it and changed the lives of themselves and others.  It is not a reflection of you as a trainer whether your downline is doing anything.  You simply don’t know when it is the right time for someone.  When it is the right time they will crush it and make it happen.
4.  Have a system in place.  If you recruit 49 people tomorrow are you going to get on the phone with all of them personally and teach them or can you simply point to an online resource that they can train with.  So if someone calls you and asks you how to use their back office you can simply say, Hey that’s a great question.  If you go to www.——- you can find the answer there.  Oh and by the way, when you recruit someone, also send them to www.——— for the training.  That is teaching to teach.
When you have a business you need to think like a business owner.  A business owner puts things where they can run themselves.  The team portion needs to be ran by the system.  For more information click the picture and watch the video below.

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