Tips for Prospecting On Facebook

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Tips for Prospecting On Facebook:
Check out your personal profile:  Is it inviting?  If you were looking at it would you like to come back and check it out over and over again?  What does it say about YOU?  Does it represent YOU as a great person that they would like to get to know?  Well it should.  So what exactly should put on your personal page?  You should put:
1.  Inspirational quotes–that you like and really represent how you think.
2.  YOU SHOULD NOT— Spam your personal page with links about your business.  Or a lot of stuff about your business.  You can of course post a picture with a leader from your regionals or trainings–that would be fun.  But really you should not put a lot of information about your business.
3.  Post about lifestyle to create curiosity.  Examples of this are:  I just spent the day with my daughter–it was so much fun to take both my daughter and granddaughter to the horse show–I am so grateful to have a business that allows me the freedom to spend with my family.  Then share pictures of the fun that you had.
Another example:  I had so much fun going to Disneyland on a business trip with my family.  We all had a blast–then pictures of the fun time that you had.
Or I had such a blast rubbing shoulders with all the leaders in my company–it is so much fun to really learn from all these great leaders!!  Again with pictures.
If you have a really great post–you should consider boost posting it.  Pay an additional $10 to $20 to get it at the top of people’s newsfeeds.  When you get a lot of response from one, consider running it again.
Respond to all your likes and shares–USE THEIR FIRST NAME in the first sentence.  And sincerely compliment them.  Start to build a relationship with your prospects by asking them questions about themselves.
NEVER NEVER pitch a prospect in the first sentence.  ]
In your interaction try to find a pain point, be genuine, share a bit about yourself–If they have kids share that you have kids too–be a real person.
To approach someone–This may or may not be for you but I think this is something you may love. If I send you some information how soon can you watch it?  Get a time.  Here’s my number, call me if you have questions.  What’s your number so I’ll know who is calling me.
Hope this helps and have a great day!!

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