Are You Having Trouble Recruiting Your Warm Market?

Attention Network Marketers Are You Having Trouble Recruiting Your Warm Market?

Your warm market consists of friends, family members and people that know you.
In this short video I’m sharing three scripts to use when recruiting your warm market.
First of all, you are punished or rewarded by the person that you were before you came into network marketing. Your past cannot be changed. You have to work with the hand that you’ve created for yourself. Your habits have created the level of success that you will have with your warm market. So you need to be real with yourself–and ask yourself two questions when it comes to your warm market.
Are the people in your warm market they type of people that think success? Do they have a successful mindset? Are they abundant thinkers or scarcity thinkers? What type of warm market have you created for yourself?
How does your warm market see you? Do they see you as driven? Do they see you as someone that has created success? Do they see you as a leader? Be honest here.
If you are a typical person–you haven’t created success in other words your warm market doesn’t see you as successful. So if you are typical–lead with the product. So your approach would be something like this:
“Hey Joe, I started this new thing and don’t know if it would be a fit for you, but I think that you would like the product. I’d love to get your feedback and chat with you because I think that you would like it.”
If you have created success and are abnormal, lead with the opportunity and not the product. Send them to your company’s standard overview of the opportunity.
The approach would go something like this, “Hey Joe, I’m doing this new thing. I’m serious about it, and I’m doing it with or without you, but I’d actually love to do it with you. I’d like for you to check it out and if you like it, great! If not, no big deal.”
If you have a burned out market–that you have approached with several things you can still approach them but you definitely have to downplay the opportunity. So the approach would go something like this”
“Hey Joe, I just got into this new thing, and I know that you would definitely not be interested in the opportunity but I do think that you would love the product. Would you do me a favor and check it out and give me your opinion on it. If it’s not for you no big deal.”

Guys I hope this helps–If you got value from this go to my webpage, and grab my free Attraction Marketing Bootcamp and we’ll see you in the next video.

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