Do You Want To Make More Money Now?

What is the Absolutely Best Way To Increase Your Earnings This Year?

Listen up.  I’m talking about personal value.  EVERYONE starts at 0.  Yes 0.  So what is personal value anyway?  What does that mean?


Well, let’s say you are a clerk at Walmart.  OK, so you are making around $8 to $10 an hour.  Not much.  Where you are you are only worth $8 to $10 an hour.  So how can you increase it?  Look around.  What does your employer need?  Do you need more skills?   Ahhh I know–“But Deb I ONLY MAKE $8 AN HOUR.”  So how can you make this happen.  And believe me I have also heard, “I am going to wait till my company pays for it.”  In this day and age that is not going to happen.  Companies are cutting expenses and this is one that is being cut.  So how can YOU increase your personal value?

I get it—you can’t afford it.  Or can you?  What is in your kitchen?  Are you eating ALL the food that you get every week?  Or are you throwing some of it out.  From now on, yes now, eat EVERYTHING YOU BUY.  Do not go to the store until you have eaten EVERYTHING that is in your cupboards.

Secondly, what is in your closet.  ABSOLUTELY DO NOT BUY ANYMORE CLOTHES IF YOU HAVE 2 CLOSETS FULL ALREADY!!  Yes, I know—it was on sale.  I’ve even seen people justify going to the Goodwill and buying the clothes.  WITH AN ALREADY FULL CLOSET.

Thirdly, AVOID SALES.  If you have taken inventory of what you have and you don’t need it don’t go PERIOD.

Take inventory of what is in your bathroom.  Do you have 10 different bottles of bodywash in your shower.  DO NOT BUY ANYMORE BODYWASH.  Until it is gone.  Then buy bar soap it’s cheaper.

Do you get the idea?  98 percent of people DON’T KNOW WHERE THEIR MONEY IS GOING.  But the wealthy 2 percent do.  START being the wealthy two percent.

Next, pay down the debt, credit cards, car payments, home mortgages etc.  With the money that you have found.

FINALLY, now you have money to INCREASE YOUR PERSONAL VALUE.  Go to seminars, trainings, and if you are an employee and you can take a class to increase your personal value DO IT.

Be a reader.  Instead of watching the worthless and boring boob tube, get POSITIVE books like
“Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill.  Robert Kiyosaki writes a ton of great books.  The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is awesome.  The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson is another one.  “How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.” Start there.  Grow yourself.  BOOKS AT THE LIBRARY ARE FREE!!  AND THEY DON’T TAKE STORAGE IN YOUR HOME. Start NOW to GROW YOURSELF.  Another FREE resource-Dani Johson,  She has a free ebook and some other trainings for you.  GET THEM!!

If you got value from this don’t forget to get your FREE gifts from me and we will see you in the next video.

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