What Will You Regret Not Doing?

What will you regret not doing in this life? Did you realize that nearly 100% of the people in nursing homes today when asked what they would have done differently–they say “Nothing.” But they add that they would have overcome their fears–they would not have been complacent. They would have gone out and did it!! Experienced it. Are you going to regret not having experienced life? Don’t. You don’t have to.

In this short video I’m going to share with you three things that you can do NOW to start experiencing life NOW!!

1. Overcoming your fears!! Are you afraid to make that first call. Just make it. Like the Nike logo says “Just do it!!” Are you afraid of making your first video–“just do it!!”

Let me tell you about my first video–my daughter watched it and said, “mom, we need to work on this–you are stiff as a board.” We shot 50 different takes and I “FINALLY” got more comfortable. But I still put it out there–yes the one that SUCKED. You need
to share that stuff–Jessica Higdon also talks about the 50 reshots of her first video. She sucked too–Ray Higdon as well–all of them. So are you going to let fear hold YOU back or are you going to get started?

How about your first call? Try cold-calling–you don’t know these people. If you are really scared call some people out of state. Guess what? The will forget you a half-hour after the call if you mess it up and you will NEVER meet them. So go ahead and jump out there. Getting over your fear of the phone is a game changer in business–so get over your FEAR OF THE PHONE.

2. Cut out the waste in your life. The average family throws out 25% of the food in their house. EAT IT ALL. This seems so intuitive but if 25% of the food in this country goes in the garbage that tells me that there is also money wasted. You might as well empty your pockets into the garbage. Same thing.

What about all the body washes in your shower–do you really need 10 of them–or can you merely use what you have. Probably.

3. Take all the waste that you have and put at least SOME money toward having fun and growing yourself. Go to events. Get around LEADERS. Kinda funny–when you get around them your mindset starts to change. And you meet them–wow–they are JUST LIKE ME. Only they worked on themselves to get the skills. ALOT.

Anyway, I hope you got value and inspiration from this video–go to debalps.com and get my free gifts and we will see you at the top!!

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