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Hey everyone–

Just wanted to tell everyone a bit about me.

When I was a teenager, I was extremely shy and decided that I needed to change that thing about me.  You have to realize that I was the wallflower of the school–I simply couldn’t talk to anyone.  So I decided to change that about me and get some people skills.

I also grew up on a dairy and horse farm.  Like many farm kids I had to work.  The question comes up all the time–why do you wear an eye patch–I was working with a young horse and got kicked in the face by a horse–crushing my cheekbone and causing me to lose an eye as well.  So I was not only extremely shy, but I had that as well–at 15 years old.  But I did decide to overcome the shyness–you NEED people skills to get along in this world.  And to obtain success in this world.  So I got a book called How to Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie and I started practicing.

I felt like I needed MORE practice so I decided to go to beauty school.  Graduated then got my first job.  Kept practicing.  However, I still was not that good yet–so unfortunately after 6 months my boss came up to me–pulled me aside and told me, “You just don’t have it to make it in hair dressing–yes I got fired.  But I didn’t give up then–I got yet another job, made my mind up to get better, and within two years I was the salon’s top earner.  Won an incentive trip to Las Vegas.  From there I went on to open my own salon–and ran one of the most successful salons in the state of Colorado–Mountain States Hair Designers for ten years.

But something happened I had my first daughter.  While I had my salon–my mom watched her for me–I was blessed.  Then I got pregnant with my second daughter and it was hard.  Then my awesome mother passed away with a stroke.  So I was not only running my salon but was also trying to set up a funeral and find someone to watch my one daughter as well as the one that would arrive 4 months later.  Wow is that hard.  I was trying to find someone WILLING to watch children for up to 12 hours a day–yes people do come in after work and need their hair done.  After about two years of this as well as waking up every two hours during the night with my second child I decided that the salon had to go.  I just could keep up with that.  So I sold it.

After selling it I was able to spend more time with my daughters but was poor.  So I went back to school–starting online college courses.  After about six years of online and offline courses I got three college degrees (became a professional student–I didn’t want to leave my kids) BS in both Accounting, and Information Systems, as well as a Political Science-Pre Law.  School was a great excuse to spend more time and nurture my kids.

But we were poor.  So I finally had to go back to work.  But even with all the credentials, I had a somewhat hard time finding a job. You know–the we only hire people with experience–really?  How are you supposed to get the experience if they don’t give you a job?   Finally went to work for Wild Oats Markets Corporate as a Treasury Accountant.  Making about one third of what I made as a salon owner.

Then after two years I got a job working for Complete Production Services as a manager–made more but still at about one half the amount I made as a salon owner.

My last two positions, I did ok at about half of what I made as a salon owner.  But companies do something now that I’m sure a lot of you can relate to–they put you on salary.  This means they can work you 90 hours a week and pay you for 40 hours a week..  So in all reality you are making the same wages that you make working two jobs like at McDonalds or Taco Bell.  Add up the value of your time.  So I decided that I might be a candidate for a home-based business since I did so well at owning my own business before.  Plus the tax advantages of owning a home-based business–I could save $5000 plus just by having a home-based business.  And I wanted to help others that were struggling with the same things that I did–wanted more time freedom (spending a day watching my granddaughter), wanted more fun in their lives (90 hours a week at work doesn’t allow for much fun), and help people have better relationships with their families–somehow 90 hours a week at work doesn’t allow for much of that either.  Your family really doesn’t know you.  They might see you in passing as you are running out the door to face the one hour traffic commute.  So you can do the 90 hour week again.  KINDA SUCKS RIGHT?

Well I thought so too.  So I decided that helping others get out of the RAT RACE would be fun.  And it is.  There is nothing better than seeing people have more fun, have better relationships with their families, and develop the skills they need to be fantastic successes in life.  What could be better.  And more fun!!.

Anyways–that is why I do what I do–do you need help ESCAPING THE RAT RACE?  I can help.

Deb Alps

720-690-2947 (Cell)

303-658-0376 (Office)

P. S. Get the 10-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp To Explode Your Business!

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